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InnoPlus USB Charger5

Innoplus: The Preferred Charging Station Is Now Available In Stock On Amazon

Los Angeles, CA, USA - July 25, 2017 - Calibrie Technology Inc. has announced the release of their all new USB Multiport charging device called InnoPlus. The brand has created a major buzz in wireless charging technology since its release and it’s now available in stock on Amazon with worldwide shipping so that everyone around the world can use this best revolutionary recharging device to power their gadgets, phones and other electronic devices. Moreover, it has several great and unique [...]


USB-C – Why We’re Excited About the Future of Cables!

For anyone stuck in the USB-A and USB-B era of mobile device charging, “up” and “down” are actually kind of a big deal. Finding out which direction the USB head needs to be inserted can go from a minor inconvenience to incredibly frustrating. Thankfully enough is enough, and since 2014, we’re in the era of USB Type-C. Although society’s transition to this charger format as standard has been a bit slow, more and more of today’s technology are featuring [...]